Sabalan shahd company established by Bigonah brothers in 1985 in Ardabil-Iran and started its 80 year activity professionally .

Owning 35000 beehives in the mountainous areas of Sabalan this company has the main role in honey bee breeding manufacturing mechanized and hygiennic packing of the honey according to the latest world standard in the mass production sector in the internal and outside market .

From the beginning of Sabalan Shahd s company establishment , considering the medical characteristic of honey which varies depending on the area of honey production , it has studied the curing effect of wild and medical plants by creating a scientific and practical atmosphere .

Sabalan shahd company transfers beehives to diffrent areas of Iran with various vegetation in different seasons and collects the curing honey from the nature and doing experiments on the vitamin content , natural sugar , the rate of sucrose and fruit sugar , provides a good product with the standard rate of calory the inside and outside market .

Process of producing Sabalan Shahd company’s natural honey From:SABALAN SHAHD CO.

Sabalan shahd company has 35000 bee houses honey combs that by treating and moving combs around the sabalan mountain from one place to another with several flowers and taking juice and syrup of several flowers and after producing

natural honey by bee’s ,bee houses will be taken to sabalan shahd factory for taking pure honey out of wax.

By a strong and exact program for process of extracting pure honey from wax and by best machines and after purifying ,filtering in four(4) stages is being done and this filtering is done for purifying and taking all of flipping bits and waxes out of honey.

After this process natural pure honey is ready for packing in several containers with several weights.



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